Feb 15, 5PM SLT/8PM EST #VWBPE Sponsorship Social at Rockcliffe Conservatory “Back from the Past – Now to the Future We Go!”

Back from the Past – Now to the Future We Go!  VWPBE Legacy 2017: Bring It or Create It!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the next VWBPE Sponsorship Social on Thursday, February 15, 5:00 pm SLT. Join us at the amazing Rings of Saturn Disco-Tech, a space-age venue at Rockcliffe University’s Conservatory. You will be…..transported into the future to visit. Enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues at this sponsorship social event; all donations go toward supporting this year’s VWBPE Conference.


DJ Coz Okelly will on hand to spin electrifying techno, futuristic, time-traveling tunes, once again donating his time in support of VWBPE. Wear your most bizarre futuristic outfit, the one with the deepest pockets! All donations are welcome, and while cash contributions (USD) are preferred, Linden dollars are also accepted inworld.

Who knows what fashion will be trendy in the future? Ladies and Gents alike, use your imaginations to time travel with us. Anything shiny, alien, robot, space age or super cool will be welcome. Of course you will want to accessorize with interesting items such as augmented reality glasses, wings, or jetpacks. We will even have some futuristic accessories available at the landing dock. Regardless of what you have to wear, please join us for an evening of fun!