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Journal of Virtual Studies
JOVS Vol 8 Issue 1

Journal of Virtual Studies Vol 8, No 1 (2017) The Journal of Virtual Studies is peer-reviewed and open access. It is sponsored by the Rockcliffe University Consortium, and its main aim is to feature work that examines knowledge emergence in virtual spaces, whether they be web 2.0 or 3D applications. We encourage teachers, academics, practitioners, and others engaged in the use of any virtual space for education, research, or training, to submit proposals to the journal.

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Rockcliffe R&D Center

In 2013, Rockcliffe introduced the Center for Sustainable Technologies to the Rockcliffe Second Life and OpenSim Campuses. These centers serve two purposes. The first is to engage and encourage a dialogue about issues of conservation, awareness, research, and technologies that have an opportunity to reshape the economic future of society. The second is to provide a play ground to prototype virtual the way in which those technologies can be used to tackle real world situations. See for more information

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Voluntary Carbon Offsets (VCOs)

The average person in North America is responsible for up to 20 tonnes of CO2 produced annually, not including special purpose travel such as air flights, cruises, or other recreational activities. You can help offset your carbon emissions by helping to support one of the carbon neutralizing projects that Rockcliffe invests in as part of our commitment to a greener planet. See for more details

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